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Simplify your scheduling and management

Whether you are a university Rec Program or a small Crossfit gym, RecHelper wants to make your training fast and easy.

Go beyond a regular calendar

Personal Training requires more than knowing when and where. Our calendars and tools provide essential information that can help make the most of your sessions for both trainers and clients.

No Download, No Install, No Problem

Never worry about downloading apps, installing software, delayed updates, or difficult demos again. Your schedule, your trainers, your clients, your everything is managed online, mobile or desktop, at

The right solution to your problems

If you need something more, something specific, let us build it for you! We will work with your team to create a brand new module that fits your exact needs. It will be faster than starting from scratch and cheaper than outsourcing!
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I don't know what we would do without RecHelper!

Nora Hudson, Assistant Director Fitness and Wellness
- Iowa State University Recreation Services

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A Growing Community

Join the helpful rec community

RecHelper is a growing community focused on helping better your gym and recreation program. Connect your staff, patrons and services all in one place that grows with you.

5K+ PT Events scheduled.

100+ Trainers scheduling and training.

300+ Clients engaged and ready to learn.

2k+ Locations reserved.

The Personal Training Toolkit

Get everything you need to make sure your gym and trainers are ready!


Go beyond a normal calendar with groups, statuses, roles, and more.

Location management

Know where your trainers are at, and reserve where they will be.


Keep track of how many visits your clients have left.

Team administration

Over 60 specific permissions to better control the actions of your staff.

Client Portal

Share attachments, notes, and events with your clients in their own page.

Join Requests

Manage client's request to train all through RecHelper.


Tailored reports to find the see the data you need for your gym.

Frequently asked questions

Can our gym keep our current Point of Sale system?
Of course, we encourage it! We want to help your gym with scheduling and management, and do that as simply as possible. We will work along-side any system you currently use and won't require to switch anything.
What kind of information do you require for our trainers and clients?
Just Name and Email. This is the minimum amount of details used to identify and individual person, but you can always add more information if you would like!
Do our clients have to use RecHelper?
Nope! You can manage everything internally for your team. Only when you want to share notes or schedules with your clients will you have to invite them to join RecHelper.
Do I have to install or download anything?
Not a single thing! Eveything you do on RecHelper will be done online at!

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