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Go beyond a normal calendar with a training-specific scheduler. With multiple calendars and configurations at your disposal, you will be able to quickly and accurately keep track of when your sessions are and what happened during them.

Event Types

Organize your events by types like consultations, sessions, or shifts. Tailor events to your gym's specific needs.


Add colored statuses to your events to quickly see what happened during the visit and begin to identify and fix problems with both your trainers and clients.


Assign roles to your trainers for more control over their position during events.


Add write-ups to record what happened during the event. Make transferring trainers easier than ever by having a record of everything the client has done.

Location management

Whether your gym is one room or four buildings, keep track of where your trainers are, where they will be, and figure out where your high-volume areas are. Reserve your events ahead of time to make sure you have a spot for your clients.


Break down your different areas into different facilities to better organize your events.


Limit the number of participants in a single location at a time to decrease congestion and increase safety.


Record the number of available events your clients have and how many they have left more easily. Figure out when clients are coming to the end of packages.

Dynamic Event Handling

Whether your events were canceled, completed, or no-show, the packages will reflect the accurate count.

Team administration

New clients and trainers are always coming to gyms, and you want to be ready when they do. Centralize the hundreds of participants more easily, and make sure they only have access to the things they should.


Keep all your data and information secure. Only users you invite are allowed to access your information.


Control what your trainers are allowed to do with over 60 different permissions.


Give your managers and administrative staff deliberate access to everything.

Client Portal

Have a place where your clients and trainers can interact. An optional feature that gives your clients a place to keep up to date with their training.


Share notes and attachments with your clients to keep them focused and on track.


Make sure your clients know when and where they should when it's time to train.

Join Requests

Allow potential clients to easily express interest in joining your program by filling out a customizable form online. Streamline the onboarding process, and make it easy for you to quickly and efficiently bring on new clients.

Customized Form

Customize and tailor your join request form to get the exact information you need.

Recommmended Trainers

Based on the client's details and your available trainers get smart recommendations on the best matches.

Pair Requests

Either onboard new clients immediately or let a chosen group of trainers decide which clients they want to work with.

Automatic Profile

Onboard client's and automatically create their PT Profile and pair them with their personal trainer in only a few clicks.


Get tailored reports to find the specific data and analysis you are looking for.

Filters and Toggles

Customize your reports with different unique configurations.

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