Introducing PT Join Requests

Introducing our new Personal Training feature Join Requests now you can create a customized customized survey and allow potential clients request to train and pair them with the perfect fit for your trainers directly on RecHelper!

Join requests have dynamic fields that allow you to quickly find trainers that match the client's trainer sex preference, availability, and number of clients a trainer would like to have.

Within the PT module in your CP you can enable this feature within settings. When a potential client submits a request you can choose 3 different actions:

  • Pair Immediately will immediately onboard the client, set the trainers you selected as the personal trainers of the client.
  • Create Pair Request will request the selected trainers to onboard the client, and the first trainer to accept the client will be set as the personal trainer.
  • Close will not onboard the client.

There are many more features and ways to customize your experience. For more information about Join Requests and how to set them up for your team, reach out to support@rechelper.com.