Notes + Logged In + Fixes

Profile Notes

We added profile notes to the PT module to allow staff members to add notes to specific profiles for any number of reasons. For this we also renamed the previously name "Notes" tab to write-ups, as this page is showing all the write-ups on the events with this profile. This new note feature comes with the permissions (pt.add_note, pt.change_note, and pt.delete_note), so make sure to add these permissions to your groups!

* Cool Tip: When adding notes if you type in a url it will transform into a hyperlink -> so it is really easy to share links to other web pages!

Last CP Login

You will notice on the profile details there is a new field for Last Logged in; this field is showing that last time this profile has logged into RecHelper and accessed the Control Panel for that tenant. This will only start logging after this update.


  • We fixed and added two fields to the Event Type setting: require location and require package.
  • Made calendar intervals bigger to see full names on smaller screen
  • Profile add and change permissions
  • Added tenant CP home button to mobile menu