September 2021 Roadmap

The remainder of this month will be spent updating, fixing, cleaning, and preparing RecHelper to allow users to create new teams so they can begin training clients. With that will come a Workflow video showing RecHelper's capabilities, features, and how to use RecHelper efficiently.

Going forward there are some possible features that we have considered adding and we would love to hear the communities feedback on them, and if they would be of interest or not:

  • Workouts: the ability to create, share, and record workouts for yourself or other users. This would be a public module that any user of RecHelper can use.
  • Locations: the ability to create room reservations without a PT Event associated, and allow public room reservations.
  • Conversations: the ability to send and recieve messages to and from your clients and other trainers.
  • Surveys: the ability to create and share surveys with your clients.

If any of these features seem like something that would interest you feel free to reach-out to us at!

Thank you all for your continued support and help to build RecHelper!