Welcome To RecHelper

RecHelper has gone through many iterations, and this recent update was our biggest one yet! A rewrite of our entire application with a focus on:

  • Security: Data isolation, staff permissions, and infrastructure security.
  • Speed: Faster load times for a more efficient workflow.
  • Accessibility: Better accessibility and user-interface.
  • Development: Simplified design to provide more consistant features and patches.

These critical points give us the foundation to provide you with the recreation platform that you are excited to use! We always strive to grow and build not only the platform but the community surrounding it. Below are some notable changes in your workflow when using RecHelper:

  1. The Control Panel: The Control Panel (CP) is your base of operations, and the place you manage and schedule your facilities. Previously you would go to app.rechelper.com for the RecHelper application, now you will go to your organization's CP at rechelper.com/example/cp. This change was made to provide a more connected RecHelper platform.
  2. Fitmap -> Personal Training: The Fitmap module has been renamed to Personal Training (PT) for a more expressive and understood name.
  3. Member Permissions: You can now add members to your organizations and restrict their access with over 50 unique permissions.
  4. Extensive Packages: Packages are now much more detailed, and provide even more visibility on how your patrons are accessing your facility.
  5. Announcements and Posts:You can now create posts for users to see at rechelper.com/example. Similarily, you can create announcements for you staff to view within the Control Panel.
  6. So much more...If you are interested in hearing more visit rechelper.com/contact to contact us!