Writeups Report, Availability, and Pairing

This update contains many great features and fixes:

  • Event Writeup Report will allow you to easily see the writeups of events within a given time period.
  • Profile Availability now records the time it was updated.
    • Note: availability set before this update will not have an updated time.
  • Profile Availability Report will show you a quick overview of your User's availability.
  • You can now set the number of clients a trainer would like to have in the Trainers' Profile.
    • To update, go to a trainer's Profile Overview and clieck the Edit button.
  • The new Pairing Page allows you to quickly see who is training whom, how many clients the trainer would like to train, and update the trainers' clients in one place!
  • The PT Locations page now is easier to view a full-day of scheduling.