Using your Client Portal

What is the Client Portal

The Client Portal allows you to view your schedule and notes from your trainers! This will be a quick tutorial, just to show you how to get to your Client Portal.

What's Needed

To get started, you need to have a account and be a member of a team.

Check out This Guide for more information on how to join a team.

Going to your Client Portal

Go to your team's page by clicking their link from your Home.

Team list item

Once on the team's page click the Personal Training tab.


If the Personal Training tab is not there make sure you Accepted your invitation

And there we go!

Client portal

You can see all the notes from your traines, view your scheduled events, and even your full calendar!

The Client Portal is a new feature, and we would love to hear how we can make it better! If you have any ideas please reach-out to us at