Getting Started

What is RecHelper

RecHelper is a gym scheduling and management platform. It lets you, your staff, and patrons work and interact together.

This tutorial teaches you the essentials to teams, invitations, and your account. You'll personalize your public page, create (or join) a team, and update your account settings.

No Gym, No Problem

You don't need a gym or any clients; to get started, all you need is a account and internet access.

Just joining a team?

Once you have your account setup skip to Joining a team.

Welcome Home

When you sign, the first page you will see is your Home. On this page you have:

  1. Header Navigation that will be on every page
  2. Search bar for
  3. Account avatar (it is currently empty... we'll fix that soon!)
  4. Your account information
  5. Your unread invitations
  6. The teams you are a member of
  7. Useful guides and links
  8. Recent articles from the RecHelper Blog

Annotated home page

From here you can begin to navigate to all the parts of RecHelper.

Update Your Account

The first thing we want to do is spice up our Account! Click the Avatar on the top right of the window, and from the drop down menu click Account Settings.

Accont menu

In the settings let's add a bio, maybe our portfolio or insta as our site, a photo so people know it's us, and where we are from!

Next under the Settings Navigation click Page.

We will describe Your Page in the next step; for now, let's just add some of our favorite Rec activities.

Looking nice! Now let's check out what that did for us.

Check out your Page

Going back home, click on the @username link underneath your name at the top left of the screen.

Account menu

Ex: In this example click @bolt link

Look at this, it's us...or you! This is Your Page, where you can share information about yourself with the community on

Your page

Remember to change the content of Your Page go to your Page Settings.

Now that our Account is set up let's do something with it. To begin scheduling and working we need a Team.


A Team is the place to manage your schedules and data for different gyms. You can be a member of as many teams as you would like. Each team is either attached to a User or an Organization. The following section will show you the two ways you can become a member of a team.

Joining a Team

To join a team you must be invited by an existing member of the team. Often times, you will receive an email that you were invited. These invitations can be seen on your Home or at your Invitation Settings.

Invitation list item

You can click on the invitation to then accept or reject the invitation. Invation confirmation

Accepting the invitation will link your RecHelper Account with the Team Profile, and depending on if you are a trainer or client you will be able to:

Creating a Team

Step 1. Verify Email

To create a team you must first verify you email on Check your email (possibly spam), for your verification email. If you don't see it, you can be sent a new email at your Email Settings.

Step 2. Choose your Team

From your Home click the Create Team link, and you will be brought to the team selection page.

Create Team

Here you have 2 options:

  • My Account will attach the new team to your current RecHelper Account
  • Organization will let you create an Organization and attach the team to that newly created organization.

To begin let's just use our account, click the button to... Get started button

After a couple of seconds we are in our very own Control Panel!

"That's great but now what?"

Check out the Start Training guide to really see the magic of how RecHelper can simplify your training and scheduling!