Start Training

This tutorial will take you through the essentials to the Control Panel, Profiles, and Scheduling. By the end you will be ready to start scheduling your clients!

What's Needed

To get started, you need to have a account and be a staff member of a team.

Check out This Guide for more information on how to join a team.

What is the Control Panel

The Control Panel (CP) is the base of operations for your team, and the primary place you will be working within RecHelper. The CP is only accessible to active staff members of your team.

To get started click on the cloud icon underneath your team's name. Link to team's CP

When you are brought the the CP you will notice the side navigation. This is called the CP Navigation, and you will be using it to move around your CP. Highlighting CP navigation

Add your profile availability

The first thing we want to do is add our availability.

  1. On the CP Navigation click the link that says Profile to go to your Team Profile. Profile link
  • You can think of this profile as your "Membership" to this team, and your way of interacting with the team.

  • Your status might say Staff instead of Superuser if you joined another team.

  1. Click Availability on your profile navigation. Profile Navigation

  2. Click+Hold+Drag for the times you are generally available each week Adding availability to profile

This will help make sure when new client's join your team can pair the client's requested time with a similar trainer.

  1. Save it! Save availability button

Add your clients

Next let's add some of our clints.

  1. Navigate to the clients directory on CP Navigation Link for selecting client directory

  2. Use the + button to open a slide-over and add your client's name and email Plus button for creating a client

  3. After you enter info you will be brought to the new Team Profile for your client. Let's add a note and maybe an attachment to their profile. Profile notes

    Optional: You can "Invite User" to allow the client to access their Client Portal. Client's do not have access to the Control Panel, and cannot modify any information.

    For more information on the client portal check out Client Portal Guide

    or if you need more help with clients, contact

  4. On your client's new profile, use the plus icon next to Trainers Profile client list

  5. Select yourself from the list Popover for selecting a trainer

You did it! You are now paired with your client. You can check this by going to your profile and seeing your client under Clients.

"Okay but what now?"

Now that we have our profile setup, and our client is ready, we can begin scheduling!

Create an Event

  1. Click the Create Event button from the CP Navigation CP Create Event button

  2. Select the event type Event type select

  3. Let's use today, and set our session length to one hour (60 minutes). And since we are just testing out this event we won't have it repeat. Event date, duration, and repeat configurations

  4. Add participants and locations by clicking their respective titles Participants pop-over Locations pop-over

Make sure to add yourself, as events require a trainer!

  1. Review Review button

  2. ...and Confirm! Confirm modal

Head to the Calendar in the CP Navigation and we can see our newly created event!

Update your event

Now we want to keep track of what happened during the event. We will change the status and add a write-up to the event.

  1. Select the event from a calendar Calendar event

  2. Change status to completed Event status

Notice how your event changed color on the calendar?

  1. Add a Write-Up Write-Up


Congratulations! You have now setup your trainer profile, added your clients, and created your first event on

The steps you took today will be the primary workflow when using RecHelper. There are many more features and configurations for you to explore, and if you are interested in learning more feel free to contact to schedule a 1:1 free consultation!